Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bright lights come to the rescue

Many would agree to the age old saying that dog's are man's best friend, but for people like me a viewfinder does the job. It's not just a small little transparent object to look through and compose pictures. It's a pseudo eyesight and a wonder tool (I'd happily marry my camera someday!).

Last night after having coffee with my friends and a session of street photography, when I sat down with these shots, I found myself lost in space! I was staring at these images with a feeling of awe and soon I had found moksha in the bewitching lights.
The feeling (call it frustration or bewilderment or confusion) which had been bubbling inside me from month's, had finally surfaced in the form a post! My very own, first post!

These blinding lights are a perfect example of the gushing city madness! A perfect example of chaos, depicted in a very beautiful and sultry manner! A perfect example of how we have stultified our life's by succumbing to the so-called social laws. And a perfect example of how we have choked all our senses!
We fail to see the monochrome desolation of our life's behind these so-called enigmatic lights. Living for materialism has become our sole motive and nature has lost it's charm and the synonym of beautiful, which used to be stars, is now replaced by the city lights!

I long for movement, freedom and rush! I can't be a part of this humdrum human race! Wilderness is where I belong! I am tired and desperately want to escape from all of this madness and sleep amidst the ocean with star sprinkled sky and my one true love, where the deafening sound of king waves exist, but yet melodic!