Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blame it on the laziness

Before you start reading the article (and probably abuse me too), I'd want you to know that I am trying hard to return from the epitome of procrastination and this article is the result of a friend asking me to write something on music, for the newspaper she works with. The rest can be blamed on the laziness. 

At the young and na├»ve age of six, my father got me married. Yes, a child marriage, and since then Music has been my better half. For I, not just eat, breathe or drink music, I sleep with it too! It all started with The Bee Gees and The Beatles, which my dad used to be hooked to back in 90’s, and eventually it acted as a catalyst to evoke my innate love for music. Since then, it has been an incredible journey. A journey of evolution and an evolution of taste and preferences, from Backstreet Boys to Britney Spears to Westlife to Darius to Seether to Korn to Megadeth to Naglfar to Death to Radiohead to Porcupine Tree to Mogwai to Dhafer Youssef, my beloved music has seen Darwinism at its best!

Favourite genre, you ask Sir?  Well, I have plunged in to almost every genre, swam through it’s deepest realms, and then went on to another ocean to explore it, throughout my life, and in some or the other way I have loved them all. But, as for now, I listen to a lot of Indie Music, Post- Rock and Jazz. All the three genres, quite different from each other, yet so close to my heart, are my answer for a girlfriend. 

One band, for whom I have an incessant amount of love and I crave the most is Radiohead, an Experimental/Alternative Rock band hailing from Oxfordshire, truly a band that will stay with you once you’ve let it work its way in. It is overloaded with miraculous sounds, haunting lyrics, ethereal elements, psychotropic’s, thrashed chords, fuzzed bass and everything else you have ever needed to go on a psychedelic trip. Radiohead is not a band, but an experience. And as Thom Yorke sang in Karma Police “... And for a minute there I lost myself I lost myself”, I’ve been ‘In Limbo’ with Radiohead, which feels like eternity now.