Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blame it on the laziness

Before you start reading the article (and probably abuse me too), I'd want you to know that I am trying hard to return from the epitome of procrastination and this article is the result of a friend asking me to write something on music, for the newspaper she works with. The rest can be blamed on the laziness. 

At the young and na├»ve age of six, my father got me married. Yes, a child marriage, and since then Music has been my better half. For I, not just eat, breathe or drink music, I sleep with it too! It all started with The Bee Gees and The Beatles, which my dad used to be hooked to back in 90’s, and eventually it acted as a catalyst to evoke my innate love for music. Since then, it has been an incredible journey. A journey of evolution and an evolution of taste and preferences, from Backstreet Boys to Britney Spears to Westlife to Darius to Seether to Korn to Megadeth to Naglfar to Death to Radiohead to Porcupine Tree to Mogwai to Dhafer Youssef, my beloved music has seen Darwinism at its best!

Favourite genre, you ask Sir?  Well, I have plunged in to almost every genre, swam through it’s deepest realms, and then went on to another ocean to explore it, throughout my life, and in some or the other way I have loved them all. But, as for now, I listen to a lot of Indie Music, Post- Rock and Jazz. All the three genres, quite different from each other, yet so close to my heart, are my answer for a girlfriend. 

One band, for whom I have an incessant amount of love and I crave the most is Radiohead, an Experimental/Alternative Rock band hailing from Oxfordshire, truly a band that will stay with you once you’ve let it work its way in. It is overloaded with miraculous sounds, haunting lyrics, ethereal elements, psychotropic’s, thrashed chords, fuzzed bass and everything else you have ever needed to go on a psychedelic trip. Radiohead is not a band, but an experience. And as Thom Yorke sang in Karma Police “... And for a minute there I lost myself I lost myself”, I’ve been ‘In Limbo’ with Radiohead, which feels like eternity now.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back from the planet Metrics


And finally wakey wakey.
I am back. Just back from planet Metrics. Pedantic days are over (not actually).
I have put my brain to a lot of exercise (nugatory you can call it although) and now it's time to pacify my soul, time to have sex (sigh I wish), time to watch football and time to blog!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A blank page worth a thousand words

Friday, May 14, 2010

For you!

Someday we'll escape the forlorn lives of ours and swathe in each others arms in the rain
Someday we'll plunge in the deep blue waters and kiss by the seaside.
Someday we'll roll in the wet grass, dig in the sand and happily get all miry. 
Someday we'll gaze at the starry skies and watch the million city lights.
Someday we'll lie down in the redolent bed of flowers and watch the sun go down.
Someday we'll share the same bed and ramble excessively in a world full of lechery.
Someday we'll fly above all the grim clouds and settle down in a self created world, full of love and tranquility.
Someday we'll embrace each other under the pink moonlight and pour love just to surmount all the perturbed moments we've been through.
Someday we'll stand on the highest mountains and holler 'I love you' recurrently, so that even the gods wouldn't remain unaware about the fathomless love that we share.

Someday we'd do it all!

Monday, May 10, 2010

At a distance from life

The tyres rolled in perfect harmony, as he steered his bicycle up the mountain. It was an idyllic morning for a ten year old to commute on his rusted bicycle. So indulged he was, that he didn't care about anything - even the lurking dangers.
Before he could even realize, his bike was descending down the cliff. His face gleamed in the pale golden light of the sun, as he glided down, past the clouds. Although his blurred silhouette was getting nearly lost in the valley, there was an antsy feeling in his heart. He could hear voices in the distance, calling out his name over and over again. His head met with the ground with a heavy thud - and he woke up from his gut-wrenching dream, in a cold sweat. It was morning again.

The crust was so dense, that his red-swollen eyes barely managed to see two faint images. He felt as if he had slept for days, yet he was tired! The maelstrom of emotions inside the young heart, drained all the chirpiness. His head was filled with the insalubrious thoughts of the happenings of the last night.
"Why do you have to be so dull in the morning time? Rise and shine dear!" She carped.
With tired eyes, tired mind and tired soul he moved around his body sluggishly to do the morning chores.

Days at the school were arid. Although the atmosphere was filled with chaos, with kids running across the corridors, screaming and fighting on the playground, having lunch together in large circles, sharing stories and discussing cartoons, but for him those few hours were dreary, without any friends to hustle-bustle with.
He didn't really exist in the school and no one bothered either. He was shy, incoherent, rickety and his jerry-built was a topic of mockery, yet he was at peace with the world. Everyday he used to sit in the same corner of the ground to have his lunch, sinking into the atmosphere, hoping someday he'd have company to share his heart with. The blue hours used to get over imperceptibly and it used to be afternoon again.

The alluring hours of the evening, at the playground, used to be filled with livelihood. But his evenings were turmoil, yet his surroundings as calm as a toad in the sun. There used to be no signs of life on the terrace of his bungalow, where it was only his ball and a pair of stumps which used to accompany him throughout the setting sun. Twilight would fade away and his shadow would dissolve into the moonlight again!

He had no friends in the real life. The only friends he had were the stars, the moon, his soft toy, his quilt and his pillow. Yes, the bedding! Every night he used to put his heart to ease by blubbing it all out and assuring himself that someday he'd not be deranged with his life! After meandering through the upheaval of emotions, he used to fall asleep with his soft toy in his arms and his face inundated with tears. Yet smiling! 

There was no love in the locker of his fate. Yes, emotional abuse! No hugs, no kisses and no visible love, can be as fatal as physical abuse! The scars that their words left were deep enough to fill his heart with darkness forever and to tear him apart irrevocably. It was not that they didn't love him, but they didn't know how to express it. No matter whatever they did, it was derisory and he was always at a distance from life! 

They are all the same. It doesn't matter if you are in Africa or America or even India. They are all the same! 

But he wouldn't be!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bright lights come to the rescue

Many would agree to the age old saying that dog's are man's best friend, but for people like me a viewfinder does the job. It's not just a small little transparent object to look through and compose pictures. It's a pseudo eyesight and a wonder tool (I'd happily marry my camera someday!).

Last night after having coffee with my friends and a session of street photography, when I sat down with these shots, I found myself lost in space! I was staring at these images with a feeling of awe and soon I had found moksha in the bewitching lights.
The feeling (call it frustration or bewilderment or confusion) which had been bubbling inside me from month's, had finally surfaced in the form a post! My very own, first post!

These blinding lights are a perfect example of the gushing city madness! A perfect example of chaos, depicted in a very beautiful and sultry manner! A perfect example of how we have stultified our life's by succumbing to the so-called social laws. And a perfect example of how we have choked all our senses!
We fail to see the monochrome desolation of our life's behind these so-called enigmatic lights. Living for materialism has become our sole motive and nature has lost it's charm and the synonym of beautiful, which used to be stars, is now replaced by the city lights!

I long for movement, freedom and rush! I can't be a part of this humdrum human race! Wilderness is where I belong! I am tired and desperately want to escape from all of this madness and sleep amidst the ocean with star sprinkled sky and my one true love, where the deafening sound of king waves exist, but yet melodic!