Friday, May 14, 2010

For you!

Someday we'll escape the forlorn lives of ours and swathe in each others arms in the rain
Someday we'll plunge in the deep blue waters and kiss by the seaside.
Someday we'll roll in the wet grass, dig in the sand and happily get all miry. 
Someday we'll gaze at the starry skies and watch the million city lights.
Someday we'll lie down in the redolent bed of flowers and watch the sun go down.
Someday we'll share the same bed and ramble excessively in a world full of lechery.
Someday we'll fly above all the grim clouds and settle down in a self created world, full of love and tranquility.
Someday we'll embrace each other under the pink moonlight and pour love just to surmount all the perturbed moments we've been through.
Someday we'll stand on the highest mountains and holler 'I love you' recurrently, so that even the gods wouldn't remain unaware about the fathomless love that we share.

Someday we'd do it all!


Tejas Jain said...

For someone whom i love very much. =*
Be happy with whatever you have as for now, fight things like a guerrilla and trust me everything will be fine someday. said...

I hope so too...

Deepali Varshney said...

Someday :)
A life full of bliss
Makes me feel so full of hope

Rajul said...

well said dude..all those who are in love wish the same thing.
While reading i can imagine each and every sentence u wrote,and the feeling itself is very beautiful.
Keep writing.

The (~N.A.Z.I.~) said...

Badiya likha hai launde....! :)
Mesmerizing..... :'(

Anonymous said...

Well written! Loved every sentence of it! =)

Anonymous said...

and the hope followed by a shadow...
someday there would be love forever like theirs...